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Black Mini Cashmere Lop

Opal Miniature Lop kitten

Harlequin Mini Lop
(I don't have harlequin patten Lops anymore, as they were in the too hard basket to get the pattern and type right) 

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I hope you have an interesting time browsing around and of course you're more than welcome to come again, as my door is always open to fellow bunny buddies!

News Bulletin 

Red Alert - RHDV2 (calicivirus) is rampantly spreading everywhere!

Inestimable numbers of vaccinated pet rabbits are suffering and dying for no justifiable reason whatsoever.

The original introduced RHVD1 has been superseded by a more lethally effective strain RHVD2. This virus is a highly contagious killer and it doesn't discriminate. It will kill your bunny just as efficiently as targeted, feral rabbits. If it's not in your area today who's to say it doesn't arrive anytime tomorrow?

Rabbit caliciviruses has proven to be uncontainable. Once infected there is no medical treatment that will save your pet from this insidious, lethal disease.

Why are those responsible continuing to ignore the fact that they're releasing viruses, which are exterminating our vaccinated pets? Some may say it's collateral damage, I say it's ultimate cruelty! Causing thousands of senseless deaths to helpless, innocent bunnies was and is preventable. We desperately need a specific vaccine NOW - it's the only way to save their precious lives!



No bunny is safe - currently vaccinated or not. The government doesn't care about your pet given that they knowingly decided to go ahead and release RHDV2. Unlike previously released RHVD1 there's not a drop of suitably protective vaccine to be had. Similar to humans having updated annual flu vaccines it's become clearly obvious that we need to have modified/upgraded RHD vaccines designed to suit whichever strains are circulating in the field. 


All pet rabbit owners are asking for is just a basic requirement of access to a vaccine that provides optimal protection for their beloved pets. Would it make any difference if we all got on our hands and knees and begged?

Find out more in here . . . RHDV (calicivirus) information

We have moved!

After living for 26 years in the suburb of Wanniassa we decided to move to Googong on a gorgeous property with acreage. Even though we're on the outskirts of Canberra (just over the NSW boarder) it's merely a 12 minute drive to shopping centres such as Calwell or Jerrabomberra.

Since we're positioned in a lovely fertile valley I can now grow whatever I like,  including a home orchard, tending multiple veggie plots and even harvesting our own hay!

My daughter and granddaughter's five magnificent horses help keep the grass down (while naturally converting it into valuable fertilizer) or otherwise can be seen having an absolutely great time frolicking around.

After several centuries Bonreiki Lop Stud has closed down!

Although I may have decided to retire from breeding, it's a huge relief to know that my adorable Lops are not far away and are being exceptionally well looked after as spoiled, breeding pets.

I will however continue to look after buns and squeaks - or otherwise I'd get in big trouble from the many pet owners that depend on my boarding services. Plus of course am also available for care advice and grooming.


See some baby photos and a link to my first YouTube video on Adorable Baby Lops page   * And video number 2! "Bunny going BOING A BOING" 

* Scroll down to find a story under the Meat Eaters Heading about a bunny munching on a mouse! Or another about rabbits suspected of eating birds while residing in an aviary.
* Plus there's a new hairless kits experience found in a nest of Mini Lops by a NSW breeder.

 * Myxo news
Interestingly, according to the following document 2013 – 2017 Rabbit Management Plan, ‘Myxomatosis is no longer a registered product and therefore not released by authorities’ : http://www.lhpa.org.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/462936/2013-2017-Rabbit-Management-Plan.pdf “The disease (Myxomatosis) is now endemic to the Sydney Region and persists in the field naturally. When environmental conditions are favourable and vectors are evident in high proportions outbreaks usually occur. Generally speaking, outbreaks are most common during autumn each year, however outbreaks are also known to occur during the winter months.”

While also on the subject of Myxomatosis did you know currently there's research into using rabbit specific myxo virus as a helpful treatment for feline cancer? See 'Cat health news from the Winn Feline Foundation' 

 * Flyscreens help protect your bunnies from Myxo! 

Our family business Alucom
(156-158 Gladstone St, Fyshwick) offers flyscreen mesh at a special price for local Canberrans (much cheaper than Bunnings) - or in sometimes off cuts are free of charge! Find out how and where at the bottom of 
About me  page.  

  * Now available an outstanding book for responsible owners!Bookfront.jpg

 The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits is our first and only, proudly Australian, fully comprehensive rabbit care book!

If you love your bunnies, want to understand more about their behaviour and do right by them with housing, feeding, breeding, health issues and so on – this much needed resource at hand is ideal for everyone.  

Find out what a number of readers think about it by opening
My Book page. 

I don't intend to reprint hard copies again so I'd suggest you'd best grab a copy while limited editions are still available! As an alternative option however, I plan to convert and separate chapters into a number of iBooks. Take for instance people could choose to purchase whichever topical subjects they specifically need or are interested in the most. In the meantime it's going to take a lot of my time to improve and revise all of the chapters for conversion into iBooks.

Did you know excerpts from my book are now published in an American publication 'Rabbit nutrition and Nutritional Healing'?

During 2011 the author Lucile Moore contacted me to include my heading sections; 'Rabbit Droppings - proof of the pudding', 'The Fat Rabbit' and 'The Wonderful World of Weeds'. NutritionBook1.jpg

In the introduction Lucile said, "
I wish to welcome a new contributor to my works: Christine Carter, author of The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits (which I highly recommend both to those who are contemplating getting a pet rabbit and those who already have one). When I first read her book on pet rabbit care I was struck by Christine's common sense approach to rabbit diet and asked if she would be willing to allow me to share it with those who may not be familiar with her work. Thank you, Christine for so generously donating several pieces for this book".

Lucile fulfilled her objectives perfectly in saying,
"In the following chapters we will explore the mysteries of rabbit diet-how the rabbit digestive system functions, what nutrients rabbits require, how much of those nutrients they need, and what foods contain them. We will also look at what problems may arise if rabbits have deficiencies of those nutrients and how they can be corrected. It is my hope that after perusing this book readers will be able to make more informed decisions regarding the feeding of their rabbits".

Lucile is also the author of A House Rabbit Primer and When your Rabbit Needs Special Care and her books are available through Amazon:


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