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A note of thanks . . . 

The preschool would like to thank Christine Carter for generously donating her time in clipping our pet rabbit, Baxter. Baxter is a cashmere lop and needed a little help to shed his summer coat.
President, Fadden Preschool Parents Assoc.

(To help them out am happy to provide free clipping services to 'school bunnies'. Baxter is not one of mine, he's a stardard sized cashmere with an angora type coat & consequently would be a cross bred)

Holiday Boarding Services

(please be advised that I reside in Googong, NSW)

Apart from everything else I'm occupied with, I provide a boarding and clipping/grooming service. These extra jobs came about through default – meaning that I never intended to offer them, but due to the fact that pet owners didn't have anyone else to go, I thought I may as well help them out. Another mouth to feed or coat to clip/brush doesn't daunt me and I would much rather provide these services than imagine any bunny suffering just because they had no where else to go . . .

Boarding Bunnies & Cavies 

It is not surprising for pet owners to be pleasantly relieved when they find me, for they can then go on a relaxing holiday with the knowledge that their bunny/s or squeaks are being well looked after. On occasion I may receive a postcard or an e-mail saying, "Hi we're having a wonderful time!" or "How is my baby, is he okay, does he miss me?"

I've heard quite a few disastrous stories about small animals left in care with people who knew little about them. Unfortunately, if unfamiliar with the tell-tale symptoms of any illness, they don't realize the seriousness of the situation. Or some even forgot to feed, water or check on the pet, resulting in unnecessary suffering or worse case scenario – death.

Upon arrival boarders receive a health check, so I can make sure they are in a good condition and to avoid introducing  contagions to my rabbitry. I generally do not reject bunnies with treatable health issues, though much depends on what it is. For example (and sometimes unbeknown to owners), I've found cases of wryneck, mites, fly blow, malocclusion, snuffles, weepy eyes and various other health issues.

Apart from their own companion/s, boarders do not co-habit with any other rabbits and so therefore are somewhat quarantined.

Although owners do not have to provide anything, they may choose to bring along veggies, which might go to waste while they are away. Some also arrive with their buns favourite treats, a special toy or whatever might be useful. 

Interestingly, owners tend to notice a visible improvement in their pet's overall condition and comment that they look fitter and healthier – as if having stayed at a health farm. This might be due to an improved diet with my usual practice of providing an abundant variety of fresh vegetation. Sometimes too, owners are informed about their pet needing to gain weight or alternatively the chubby ones would be put on a diet. To achieve this I adjust food intake accordingly to individual needs.
Boarding charges are reasonable in comparison to cat and dog fees.

Overnight charges are calculated from the day you drop off but not including the day of collection

Fees are only $10 for one bunny (or guinea pig) plus $5 for each other pet per night.

Extended stays (e.g. more than 3 weeks) may receive negotiated discount.



 Hutches are available in a variety of styles and sizes.



* If need be, your pet will receive a complimentary manicure (or if maulting a quick brush/pluck) and if you'd like, I would be happy to demonstrate these procedures.

* Advanced bookings are recommended and I can also cater for 'special needs' pets.

Phone Christine 6297 7750  or Email 

* Phone calls are much appreciated as I seem to be always overwhelmed with way too many emails - though preferably do not call before 10 am or after 6 pm.

* Squeaks and buns need to be transported in a secure container - not carried in arms or on open container or otherwise it can be a bit of an ordeal to try and catch them around the paddocks!

* The most convenient time frames to deliver and collect pets are between Monday and Saturday - generally around 11 ish or between 3 & 6 pm. Please understand that I need to keep Sundays free for family activities.

* Calicivirus vaccinations are not required for boarding. Regardless of what some experts or vets might tell you no amount of the current vaccine will protect rabbits from the new more virulent strain. The unfortunate release of 'K5' (which is far more effective and supersedes the previous virus) has resulted in vaccinated pets being just as vulnerable of dying as any other rabbit.


Other Boarding Facilities

Deakin, ACT Stephanie Phone/Text 0458 966 689


Blackalls Park (Lake Macquarie, NSW) - also servicing Hunter Valley, Newcastle (10 mins off the Pacific Hwy & 2 hours north of Sydney)Michelle Teear Phone (02) 40238304, 0402 924 819  Email

Melody is very experienced with bunnies (former breeder) and husband is a rabbit savvy vet. Phone 0412 929 202

(drop off locations St Ives & West Pennant Hills)
Email or visit website: BunnyWonderland

Sally Arnold Wildwood Rabbit Stud Ph (08) 8254 8601
or 0418 611 780  

 (WA) Kim McDonald Email or Phone 0412 907 704  Abbey Green Rabbit Stud

Melbourne Bek's Bunnies Phone 0416 276 997 or Email
From these photos you can see that Bek has fabulous boarding accommodations . . . 

 Beksboardingpens.jpg                          Beksboardingcloseup.jpg

Given that there are so few boarding facilities for small animals, it would be very helpful if you could recommend others in your area! Please phone Christine (02) 6297 7750 or Email 
House sitters anyone?

Or perhaps you may be interested in an alternative option . . .

Trusted House Sitters http://www.trustedhousesitters.com/t/helps helps pet owners find people to look after their pets while on holiday. Most people listed on the site (including Australian members) offer free pet sitting with the agreement to receive no charges for accommodation. 






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