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Powell's Stockfeeds – my one stop bunny shop!

One thing I like to do is to recommend companies that consistently provide excellent service and the best quality products. Powell's Stockfeeds is one of them – as they've been my favourite supplier for at least twenty six years!

Powell's cater to all of our bunny's needs (and other pet or livestock supplies) – not to mention are very reasonably priced as well . . .


         Oh my what a lot of 'stuff' they have!
Take for example they have a range of indoor/outdoor rabbit hutches (find them upstairs on the second level) 

I've bought a number of their indoor hutches - especially the three tired one  below.

Apart from adding accessories such as a bit of carpet on a wire floor/resting shelf I think they work pretty well for small rabbit breeds – and look snazzy too! I also remove hay racks and first level ramps, as they restrict running room and buns are perfectly capable of jumping up on their own accord.

Puppy playpens (see puppy pen attached to indoor cage) are great for bunnies as well puppies! Especially handy indoors, to make sure your pet doesn't get up to too much mischief or can be moved outside as a grazing/exercise pen.

Here's one of the best commercial hutches I've come across.

The 'Rabbit Resort' is designed and manufactured by Bono Fido a company well renowned for producing quality hutches.
I've trialled and tested various other types of hutches sold by pet shops or online but apart from obvious design and quality faults they need a number of extra modifications. (btw with this one I only changed the locks as personally found them too fiddly, naturally of course tacked on fly screen and protected exposed internal wooden edges with strips of aluminium, as bunnies inevitably end up chewing them)  

Has generous proportions (117 cms in length x 68 cms wide x 92 cms at highest point) and easy access via four doors and double sided lift up roof.

Check out various other necessary bunny accessories at Powell's such as:

* Carry cages for times when bunny needs to travel, such as whenever moving house,
going on holiday or a trip to the vet.
* Grooming tools, feed and water bowls, water bottles, harnesses, medications etcetera.

Bedding = dust extracted pine shavings & straw (bales or smaller packs)

* Feed = pellets, rabbit mixes, various types of hay (bales or smaller quantities)

Unfortunately, for most website visitors, there's only one Powell's Stockfeeds – here in Canberra, Australia!
However our lucky local residents can find them at:

42 – 44 Colbee Court, Phillip
 Opening hours Monday – Friday 8-30 am to 5-30 pm
Saturday 8-30 am to 3 pm.
Phone (02) 6282 4937 or Fax (02) 6281 6355  

These guys are friendly and helpful!


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