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Best Bunny Links

A mixed bag assortment of goodies just waiting to be opened! The following websites are either interesting, helpful, thought provoking, entertaining, useful, attractive and or humorous.

 Oz Rabbit Clubs

Canberra Rabbit Club Inc.

Rabbit Fanciers Society of NSW http://www.rfsnsw.com/Home 
Rabbit Exhibitors & Breeders Society 
NSW Rabbit Association Inc http://www.tnswrai.webs.com/
Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW http://rbaofnsw.webs.com/ 
Southern Tablelands Rabbit Club:

Rabbit Breeders Association of Victoria 
Associated clubs; The Australian Lop Circle, National Netherland Dwarf Club 
The Victorian Rabbit Association Inc. http://victorianrabbit.tripod.com/ 
Associated clubs; Gipsland Rabbit Fanciers Association, Ballarat Rabbit Club, Sout Eastern Rabbit Club, National Rex Club
South Australian Rabbit Association Inc
The South Australian Rabbit Fanciers Association Inc http://thesarabbitfancierss.tripod.com/
West Australian Rabbit Council

Associated club; The Hills Rabbit Club

Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania http://rbatas.webs.com/ 

Online Groups & Forums

If you're interested in chatting to keen rabbit enthusiasts, simply join any of the following groups. Such forums provide a great opportunity to discuss rabbit problems and share experiences with like minded people. You can receive help by asking numerous questions, though preferably one at a time! It is also a good idea to search the group's 'archives' (type in key words) to find whatever subjects were previously discussed. So too, you will enjoy looking at everyone's photo albums or include your favourite ones.

Australian Show Rabbit a friendly group dedicated to showing rabbits.
New Zealand Rabbit Owners Group
biggest rabbit club (in the country, not the breed)
UK Rabbit Breeders
for individuals who breed and/or show rabbits.
The Warren Forum
(UK) a friendly community of rabbit breeders.
Show Bunny
(USA) for people who own, breed and show rabbits.

Overseas Contacts

The Rabbit Council of New Zealand provides a comprehensive website about rabbit related issues and events within New Zealand and overseas.

American Rabbit Breeders Association dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy industry and fancy.

The British Rabbit Council breeding and showing of rabbits, rabbit care, behaviour and health.

Showcasing Breeds from around the World

Clipart/big_dutch.gifAmerican Dutch Rabbit Club a 'must see' photography contest!
Tons of photos of an amazing rainbow of colours & patterns.
Netherland Dwarf Joe Rogers (UK) obviously a top breeder of these little 'gems of the fancy' and providing prime examples of excellent type for us to aim for in this breed!
Don's Angoras (UK) quite possibly one of the few breeds that we (down under) have as good as, if not overall better show quality.
Mapledurham Rabbits (UK) Sue Dickenson has Dwarf Lops & rare Thriantas

Betty Chu US breeder of the only Angora rabbit who has ever won the Open Best in Show in the American Rabbit Breeder Association National Convention.
The Managerie (NZ) history of Angoras, fibre available for purchase.

Clipart/bouncyears.gifRuskin Miniature and German Lops Phil Batey (UK) – see his Lops and weep!
Plus quick links direct to Phil's stunning
Tan Miniature Lops or all about the problem of Slipped Crowns in Lops.
Lionhead gorgeous little Lionhead bunnies. As long as Australia continues to have an import ban we will never have the opportunity to see or have 'real' Lionhead pet rabbits (nor a number of other special breeds) – how sad is that!

Clipart/bookbunny.jpgBooks, Magazines & Posters
Fur and Feather UK's most popular small animal magazine – find a great range of books in their bookshop . . . including mine!
The Pet Directory (Australia) The Who's Who of the pet Industry!

Lots of bunny posters – just enter rabbits in the search box.

A kids colouring book containing basic care information.

In the News & Rabbit Stories

New Species of black and brown striped rabbits discovered in Vietnam and Laos.
September 2008:
a news video of NSW Rabbit Breeders and Exhibitors National Show
November 2008:
Courier Mail news story about the total ban of pet rabbits in Queensland.
Photos of a
UK Rabbit Show and a short film clip in 'view Linda's report here'

My website was mentioned in the April 2009 edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I sent them a copy of my book 'The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits' to help the researchers design an ideal rabbit hutch. I also put the them onto rabbit fanciers in NSW (so they'd have some lovely rabbits hopping around) for the TV show. Consequently, in the Better Homes and Gardens programme our bunnies were fortunate to receive some fabulous promotion, which is all for the good of the fancy.

For those who missed the TV segment
here's a link to the video (scroll down to find the heading: 'Keeping rabbits and build a bunny hutch' then click on the 'Watch the Video' – there's an ad beforehand, so just wait until it's over

A kids colouring book containing basic care information.
Native American tales
Rabbit the hunter & How the rabbit lost his tail

A collection of newspaper stories

Miscellaneous - interesting/helpful

A great way to help connect home and pet owners to go on worry free holidays:

A rabbit Code of Practice (ACT) prepared by the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. However you will need to type ‘guinea pig code of practice’ in the search box.
General rabbit facts encyclopedia
About pet rabbits and how to care for them
PETITION about changing the ban of pet rabbits in Queensland.

General pet sites, online stores & bunny knicknacks

Selling or looking for pets and accessories? The following offer free online advertising:
allclassifieds *** Pet Directory *** Crazyreptiles *** OzPets *** mypetology *** Your Pets ***
Menagerie Rabbit Cards (NZ)
Heaven Sales (US) gifts for people who ♥ bunnies
Bunny Lovers Shop

Cafe Press
t-shirts, bumper stickers and other bunny gifts.
Precious Pet Rabbits plus rabbit care information and a long list of pet names.

Diet, Behaviour & Medical Clipart/bunnyplanting.gif

Evaluating hay qualities fact sheet
Carrot Cafe guide to feeding pet rabbit
Rabbit's nutritional needs
The Language of Lagamorph
House Rabbit Society
Wild Insights animal communication & healing services for pet owners
Clipart/sickbunny.gif   Medirabbit
   Veterinary Partner search various health problem
   Merk Vet Manual
   Galens Garden

Genetics, Breeding, Hand Rearing & Formulas

Clipart/bunnyfamily.gifPhil Batey a UK genetic expert - provides excellent information.
Debmark education resource rabbit genetic
Pedgree software: ibreed systems *** evans software *** Kintraks
Breeding your rabbits info.

Clipart/babybunny.gifCaring for newborn bunnies a step by step guide
Handrearing (US) orphaned wild cottontail bunnies
Wombaroo rabbit milk formulas
(OZ) Wombaroo do not sell direct to the public, but you can email: wombaroo@adelaide.on.net request list of their distributors.

Off Topic
Fed up with telemarketers? Simply visit Do Not Call Register – an Australian Government initiative – it's free, quick and easy!

Feel free to add my link
http://www.petrabbitworld.com/ to your site!


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